Thank you Pinal County!
It was an honor and pleasure to have served you. Here are some of the best thing we accomplished that even a lost election cannot take away:

  1. We created a Family Advocacy Center to serve the most vulnerable among us. 1 Interview 1 Day!
  2. We removed the Drug Cartel Scouts from are Hilltops and were the first county in the country to prosecute them from federal lands in court.
  3. Reduced the total number Sex Offenders per capita to the lowest levels in all of Arizona in just two years.
  4. Decreased violent crimes in every Pinal County City to below the national average.
  5. Helped the County Attorney's Office build a strong relationship with all law enforcement agencies. This is especially important considering that we are in the same branch of the county government.
  6. The Pinal County Attorney's Office has been able to do all of this and much more and remained under budget for at the end of 4 years by almost $200k